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Our Philosophy


Ortesia’s philosophy is to be your trusted brand for CBD pain relief products by offering superior quality CBD creams that are formulated with the highest quality certified organic CBD, Cannabidiol, and essential oils and together our formulations are designed for deeper skin penetration and delivery into the body. 

This means that when using Ortesia CBC pain relief cream you are not exposing your body to harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients that may be harmful to your health. We use a third party to test our products and the resulting lab results are available to the customer. All ingredients used in our CBD creams are grown, extracted, and formulated in the USA.

“I have been using the Ortesia cream on many of my clients. It’s the best pain relieving cream I have found. It reduces inflammation, relieves pain and helps with relaxation. Next time you get a massage ask for Ortesia.”

Kristin L.
Massage Therapist

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