What People Are Saying About Ortesia CBD Pain Relief Cream


“We have been selling Ortesia pain relieving creams since March 2018. Our entire staff and our customers love the product. They have told us they use it for Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, muscle and joint pain and the uses keep growing.”

Patric R.

Laundry Evangelist, Mall of America

“I have been using the Ortesia cream on many of my clients. It’s the best pain relieving cream I have found. It reduces inflammation, relieves pain and helps with relaxation. Next time you get a massage ask for Ortesia.”

Kristin L.

Massage Therapist

“My grandson was stung by a bee and was in pain. I tried Ortesia for the anti inflammation qualities and within a few minutes the swelling and redness were gone.”

David D.


“I sell Ortesia at my Hot Yoga studio. My clients and me love it for day-to-day muscle soreness, as do competitors. Customers also find it helpful for post surgical issues and healing from injuries.”

Sarah S.

Yoga Studio Owner

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The CBD in Ortesia products is derived from industrial hemp. Ortesia products have zero THC.