Ortesia Organic CBD Formulations


The ingredients used in Ortesia CBD Organic Cream Formulations effectively deliver CBD and organic ingredients and with the help of stimulating essential oils through the skin without exposing your body to harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients that may be harmful to your health.  Our products have the highest quality ingredients available, all natural and certified Organic when ever possible. You may feel some heat on you skin for a short duration and this is natural and intended to increase delivery.

Our CBD Organic cream formulation comes from industrial hemp and is certified organic. We use CBD isolates in our products that contain zero THC. This is especially important for customers that have standard drug testing for their employment. Our CBD is extracted using nana technology making the molecules smaller and more bio available.

Our Arnica Montana is infused in olive oil and handmade in Oregon. We source all of our essential oils through a reputable source based in Oregon. The name Ortesia is a name created from Artesian and Oregon.  Ortesia CBD Organic Formulations, the source for PURE, EFFECTIVE and TRUSTED CBD products. To learn about our ingredients, click here.


Administration of Creams

Apply Ortesia CBD cream directly to the affected area as needed and massage. Apply 2-3 times a day for more severe issues. Organic products will dissipate over 4 to 6 hours and reapplication keeps inflammation reduced more consistently.

Many of our clients tell us the over time they often need less product not more. This is likely because the body begins to manage the inflammation sites more efficiently with consistent use of CBD.


CBD Dosing Recommendations

Ortesia offers special pricing on a three pack with one of each MG strength. Customers can then try the various MG and learn what works best for them. Try the Three Pack!

250 MG CBD

We recommend the 250 MG CBD for sore muscles and minor discomfort.

500 MG CBD

The 500 MG CBD works well for athletic injuries. People can continue training while reducing inflammation and treating stressed muscles and joints. The 500 MG CBD also works well for mild arthritis.

1000 MG CBD

The 1000 MG CBD is a must for all nerve related issues such as neuropathy and works well for all chronic pain.